Where dose your money go?

When you contribute your money to win a prize the amount of money that goes into each section of delivering that to the winner depends on what the Prize is. For example, if you donate 10$ to get a chance to win a celebrity experience (dinner, visit, tickets to the premiere…), 3$ is donated to charity,5.5$ goes into marketing expenses, and credit card fees, Winfordreams gets 1.5$. A $10 contribution for the chance to win a prize-based experience (like a vacation or tuition) breaks down as follows: $1.50 is donated to charity; $7 typically goes to sourcing and shipping the prize, covering the winner’s taxes, marketing the experience, and processing credit card fees; and rest goes to Winfordreams.

These experiences require a lot more resources to secure the prize and help spread the word. Our for-profit model enables us to expand our marketing services far beyond what’s usually done in the nonprofit space, and therefore increase the total money raised for our partners. That’s why we look at charities and their funds a bit differently—we maximize the total amount raised, not just the percentage that goes to the organization. And how do we amplify the raise? By investing money in services that will expand the reach of the campaign, and also increase the number of donors.