Our mission is to empower nonprofit organizations to do their important work in the world. Unfortunately, that is sometimes very hard to do, because charities are very often criticized for investing in ways to raise awareness—it’s almost like they’re not “allowed” to market themselves the way for-profit companies do. They are usually almost forced to rely on time-intensive galas, expensive dinners, and black-tie auctions to raise large sums of money from a limited donor base. However, these events are usually only once or twice a year, pricey to organize, and accessible only to those who can afford it. So the charity’s ongoing fundraising needs are often not met. On the other hand, the new technologies and use of the internet enables new ways to be charitable easier, from the comfort of our own home, without expensive gala events. Charity work is not limited to only a few chosen donors anymore. We are the mediator that connects people who would love to participate with non-profit organizations in a simple and time-effective way. Our goal is to challenge conventional thinking and change the perception of people about non-profit organizations as being only open to a few chosen people. We want to change the concept of fundraising by bringing it closer to anyone willing to participate. That way we allow people to do good in the world from the comfort of their own home. Our model democratizes traditional auction-giving by offering everyone the chance to participate in a fundraising experience. Our main focus is on storytelling and removing the friction from the fundraising. Our marketing team is working hard to create amazing ads on social media, our tech team builds and improves our website, our customer service takes care of our member’s needs all over the world, Karitas makes sure your money gets to people who need it, and much more.